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BestBay Pty Ltd
Distributor for EZI DRI Food Dehydrators
The EziDri "Classic" Dehydrator

Produce the best dried food in the shortest time.

  •  Retain natural flavours, colours, vitamins and minerals.
  •  Have a variety of fruits and vegetables conveniently at hand all year around.
  •  No Preservatives, No Salt and No Sugar.
  •  Very economical - no more than five cents per hour to run.

Company Profile

We have over 15 years experience drying food and are able to provide after sales service second to none. We are able to provide you with the expert knowledge about the EZI DRI food dehydrators and how to best use them to dry various produce. We have expertise in HARVEST MAID food dehydrators so can offer service advice and sales and supply of accessories for both EZI DRI and HARVEST MAID.

Contact Information

+61 3 9587 8121
+61 3 9587 8121
Postal address
P.O. Box 543 Moorabbin 3189
Electronic mail
General Information: ezidri@ezidridehydrators.com.au

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